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"How Then Shall We Pray?" (self-paced) is a Course

"How Then Shall We Pray?" (self-paced)


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"How Then Shall We Pray?" (Self-paced Course)

Looking to spice up your prayer practice? Do you desire transformation in your life?

Throughout history spiritual pilgrims have journeyed together, walking together, learning with one another, challenging one another, and keeping one another on track - welcoming newcomers and saying goodbyes. This course is designed to introduce spiritual seekers to contemplative prayer in a myriad of forms using body, mind, spirit; silence, movement, and words; practicing presence to God, raising consciousness and developing self-awareness. 

This course leans into self-paced learning. In each lesson, students will read, watch a video, engage in a prayer practice, try out a creative activity, and journal. Lesson connect prayer practices with biblical passages, quotes from wise teachers, art and writing. There are 25 lessons. Expect to spend at least a few months with this material (recommended: one lesson per week = approximately six months). If you want to engage in the content with others (also highly recommended), encourage your whole group to register or choose the facilitated version of this course. 

If you do not currently have a spiritual director, contact Wendi ( about finding one. While it is not required, seeing a spiritual director while you are doing this course is highly recommended.