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Launch & Lead 2020 Launch & Lead Application is a Course

2020 Launch & Lead Application

Ended Oct 31, 2020

Full course description

Launch & Lead exists to equip people to Launch and Lead alternative forms of Christian community and/or support those who do. It is a ompetency-based missional training program. Participants take online classes, receive coaching and spiritual direction, meet together for in-person gatherings, and start something new as part of a practicum.

The Launch & Lead program is divided into three modules, labeled “Contemplate,” “Connect,” and “Collaborate.” Contemplate invites students to begin the launching and leading process by doing the hard work of getting to know themselves. Connect explores the missional direction of community development and has a theological emphasis. Collaborate emphasizes communal participation and is highly focused on bringing a missional project to life within the student’s context.

Each module is comprised of facilitated and self-paced online courses, along with support in the form of coaching, spiritual direction, and peer learning through peer groups. Our structure is flexible. While each of the modules should be taken sequentially, students have the option of participating in any of the online offerings within each module in the order that works best for them.

Tuition for Launch & Lead includes coaching, spiritual direction, guided peer groups, and online courses. Students also receive vouchers to participate in the MWF National Gathering for free while they are enrolled in the program.

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Application deadline: October 31, 2020